Thursday, 21 March 2013

Salt, who'd have known!?

I burnt my stove top with a pan when I was boiling milk, it spilt right over. It's a glass oven top and I tried scrubbing it to no avail. I live in rented accommodation and the oven is part of the furnishing, so I was a little worried about the mess. After some simple Googling, I found that most people recommended waiting until the stove top was cool, then using a craft knife blade to scrape away the residue. I did this and it was pretty effective. 

While I was searching I bookmarked this article from the Reader's Digest which chronicles over 60 ways to use salt... I hadn't time to read it all, so I left it for later and used the knife method. Anyway. Once I read it and discovered you could use salt as a sprinkle to prevent the spills on the stove top from hardening, I planned to use it if ever it happened again. 

As luck would have it, it did happen again (no, I did not do it on purpose to test out a tip...) and I sprinkled salt on right away. Would you believe, the salt absolutely did the trick and once the hob had cooled all I needed to do was wipe it away to reveal a clean stove top! 

Have you got any fail safe tips for using salt? 

Nanna Kate X

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