Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Chicken Noodle Soup for the (poorly) soul

I was feeling under the weather last week and I couldn't work so I called in sick, my boss (I am lucky) said plenty of chicken soup and rest... we had every soup but chicken in the cupboard and so I decided to knock my own up!
This recipe will clear you sinuses and comfort you, plus it's very low in calories and fats so added bonus! This recipe makes two generous bowls...

Spray of olive oil
30g raw chicken breast
2 pints chicken stock
30g dry noodles (I used pumpkin rice noodles and then another time plain egg noodles)
Chilli (fresh or flakes)
Garlic (fresh or salt)
Fresh parsley
Salt and pepper if desired


Spray a pan with olive oil, cut the chicken into shreds, add it to the pan and 'seal' (no pink bits) over a medium heat. Then when it starts to brown add the chicken stock. Chuck in the noodles, herbs and chopped parsley and then pop a lid on it askew. Reduce the heat down to low (I used 1 on my electric oven) and cook for about an hour.

Serve alone or with bread. Amazing! Will keep for about 2/3 days if you want to make a big portion.
Good for freezing, once defrosted warm gently on the hob. Don't re freeze.

Nanna Kate X

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