Thursday, 28 February 2013



So, I was positively enthusiastic about recommencing blogging in January. Then I don't know what happened, but life just seemed to run away with me again and I thought I would try to at least keep up with Month in Numbers, but then I went to London from 30th Jan - 1st Feb so once again I missed updating Nanna Kate. But! I read Julie's post this morning and I thought it was so lovely to think of us all as 'company' for one another each month and I decided to get down off the guilt trip and get on and just write when I can!

Januebry is a mash up of my January and February statistical measurements, if you want to see what it's all about check out Julie's pages and as she says, join in as and when you want!

2 = the number of pesky work trips to London, 2 = the number of trips I conveniently merged with shopping trips to ensure the boredom of work was kept to a minimum. 4 = times I visited Leon over those days [mildly obsessed], 7 = designs of fabric purchased from Liberty of London. I visited Camden Lock Market and Oxford Circus all on my own, yep, on the Tube, on my own! I stayed with my cousin both times which was lovely, we went to All Star Lanes on Brick Lane where I was defeated horrendously 70-something = my score over our game! 70-something also was my scrabble score when I played against my cousin's flatmate and his uni pal... seriously, he introduced himself as 'Richard, 3rd Generation Scrabble Player'... Jeez! [however, I took all his tips and plan to annihilate anyone who crosses my Scrabble path from now on in]...

London aside, there were some lovely things going on at home. We bought a record player and some vinyl, 7 = LPs now owned, I also completed my set of Soup mugs when a girl at work gave [not so willingly] me her 'Tomato' mug

6 = total mugs I now own. Which makes me very happy in the soup department. Now I've got to get over my obsession with having the right soup in the right cup! 2 = new soup recipes I made, Chicken Noodle Soup (I have a serious cold!) and fancy Farro & Lentil from Allegra McEvedy's Bought, Borrowed & Stolen Cookbook which is fast-becoming my favourite ever kitchen companion.

Phew, 6 = projects completed & 1 million = projects started. I am doing O.K. with getting stuff completed though which is why my time seems stretched [note to self: be less ambitious!]... tutorials will follow soon!

5 = Valentine's together with my lovely other half - time flies when you're having fun and we do have so much fun, we can always make each other laugh no matter what life throws our way and to still be this much in love after 4 years makes me feel pretty spectacular! 0 = the amount of Valentine's plans we had because we currently have my Dad living with us which kinda kills the romance! He moves out soon and my sister also got her own place [yesterday!] so the next month is going to be filled with moving home for the whole family!

And lastly, my resolutions are coming on pretty well, 57 x 3 = number of rows I've done in stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row) after achieving a life long ambition to learn how to knit! I am following a pattern and when I finish it I should have two baby bunnies and two hearts which I plan to make in to some kind of baby mobile... 4,589 = steps from my house to work, I have walked it 8 = times now and I love it, I've cut my time down by 3 = minutes to just 38 = minutes and it's so much nicer than sitting in traffic for the equivalent amount of time! 58 (give or take) = pictures posted to Instagram for my #365project (which I will share soon)...

Oh and did you notice? 1 = blog designs overhauled. Hope you like the new style. Thanks for calling by...

Nanna Kate X

P.S. Leave a comment and I promise I will call by your M.I.N. too X


  1. Many thanks for visiting my blog x
    What a busy couple of months you've had. I love both finishing & starting new crochet/knitting projects too. Well done on walking to work & reducing your time, roll on more nicer weather x

  2. I love Januebry. I think that should be an actual month...
    Looks like a busy couple months. Nice work on your resolutions! :)

  3. Congrats on all of the projects you've finished. I need to get some of your finish-piration. :)

  4. It was a pleasure to read your numbers and I really like your photo collages! I used to have a soup mug but gave it away... I had never thought of using it "for the right soup!" :D
    Hope your March is as creative as your Januabry ;)

  5. Hi Katy - glad you got the message about Rockabilly Rosie. They've just added a new Saltburn date on Facebook - sio maybe it will be featuring in your April numbers!

    I keep intending to get some sort of pedometer - I imagine it's really motivating being able to see all the figures that clearly. I must admit I can get bored walking on my own ... so having something like that actually might help!

    Sounds like a really great start to your year. I'm looking forward to you trying to find / painting your own 'Farro & Lentil' soup mug!

    You're on the board now:

    And you're welcome *any* time - thanks for your company during Januebry!

    Julie :-)