Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello again X

Hello lovelies!

It looks like I am back... after a tragic summer and a difficult, grief filled latter half of 2012, I sat down and wrote a list of goals for 2013. As a result, I decided I wanted to re-start my Nanna Kate blog up to indulge my creative side and more importantly to create a permanent record of the progress against my ambitions for this year. There will be the usual mix of crafty projects, baking / recipes, random thoughts, musings, plus a few personal stories about achievements I hope for, as well as the things that don't go quite according to plan (and I imagine there will be a few!)

So, what better a way to recommence blogging than to re-join in the amazing Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers?

(if you want to read Julie's, or join in yourself, click the button above!)

1 = firsts, the first Christmas in our own home, the first Christmas with our tiny baby puppy dog, Abraham, the first Christmas dinner we cooked ourselves, the first Christmas Eve we waited for Santa in our own home, the first Christmas tree we bought together

50 = pieces in the decoration set we bought for our tree to go with the string of 50 = lights in amber glow and the 6 = handmade decorations I crafted in the run up to the festive season

1,000,000 = dollars I felt at my work's Christmas party meal (I'm in the lace bolero, champagne coloured dress above with my amazing gal pal, Becky) after losing just over 3 stone in 2012 following Weight Watchers

6 = Baby's First Christmas Heart decorations/keepsakes I crafted, 3 pictured here plus 3 more for the baby boom amongst my friends and colleagues

4 = long walks taken with this muddy baby...

1/2 = inch of snow fall this year, not much to complain about, but Abe didn't think too much of it...

14 = age of our gorgeous niece, Olivia, who is turning in to a real grown up right before my eyes! 1 = pieces of that amazing Oreo birthday cake consumed, 12 = inches of mexicana pizza eaten and 1.70 = exorbitantly priced ironic glass of accompanying 'diet' coke (hence the 5.5 = lb gained over Christmas!)

 = the number of games of Yahtzee played... but seriously, I rolled 1,2,3,5 and needed a 4 for a high straight... not only did I get it on my next roll but it rolled into line (check out the picture!) so I figured that 2013 is going to be a lucky one, right?

Thank you for stopping by, watch out over the next few days as I blog about my home made gift efforts (including links to some very cool tutorials) plus I will be sharing some of my amazing Christmas gifts with you! Happy 2013!

Nanna Kate X


  1. Sorry that you have had such a bad 2012. It seems to have been difficult for so many people. Here's to a wonderful 2013. Great set of numbers and to see you back looking mighty fine :0)

  2. Welcome back - so sorry to hear yo've had a difficult and sad time. Here's wishing you a more gentle 2013.

    Lovely set of festive numbers - and how nice to record so many firsts too. I once meticulously counted [for a M in N post] how many decorations we added to our tree ... then forgot to even mention them!

    You're on the board now:

    Have a great January!

    Julie :-)