Thursday, 3 January 2013

DIY Handmade Sewing Accessories

Hello there lovely!

Today I wanted to start sharing some of the gifts I made for my friends and family for Christmas. First up, the cute sewing accessories I made for my friend Amanda. We have our own little craft club at which we meet up with a few of our girl friends, eat cake and craft... at our very first meeting I noticed that Amanda didn't have a needle case, so I decided I would make her one for Christmas, then I got carried away making her a pin cushion and scissors case too...

Needle Case: I took a piece of purple felt and a piece of Joel Dewberry Heirloom Marble Stripe Green fabric which I purchased from Liberty's of London back in June both around 2 inch by 6 inch and I sewed them together, right sides facing in, by hand, with the smallest seam allowance I could muster. Then I turned it inside out, added a press stud and sewed on a hand tied ribbon bow. Easily one of the easiest things I've made! I filled it up with a variety of needles and voile a!

Pin Cushion: marginally more complex - I took two 3 inch by 3 inch squares of felt in contrasting purple and black, and a half inch by 12 inch piece of the same Joel Dewberry fabric. I formed a 'cube' then stuffed it with some toy stuffing (tip [incidentally from Amanda!]: pull the stuffing in to really tiny pieces as you go, this allows you to shape your item easily). Next I 'gift wrapped' it with ribbon, then sewed a button either side to pull it all tight and hide the ribbon crossovers.

Scissors Case: being a Pinterest addict I found this amazing pin which I repinned from Vicki's Fabric Creations Blog it includes a really simple template from which I cut two pieces of fabric, one in black and one in the co-ordinating fabric. Next I pinned it right sides facing in and sewed around the edge with my machine (could easily be hand stitched too!). Then I turned it right way out and folded it as per the instructions and finally sewed around the edge to create the holder.

With Mothering Sunday right around the corner this could be a really nice gift idea for you to try! What handmade gifts did you try out for Christmas?

Nanna Kate X

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