Saturday, 5 January 2013

And they call it puppy love...

In the Summer my partner and I bought a puppy. I like animals but I never really loved animals but this was seriously love at first sight!

Our journey into puppy ownership began when we went to pick from the litter. There were three little boys left, the smallest one had been reserved, and the middle sized one came wobbling over to us, and just fell at our feet. When we picked him up we just knew!

Abraham (cool name huh?) makes us smile every day without fail and I think our lives would be a much gloomier place without him. I used to laugh at my Mam and Sister who are 'pet people' because of the way they spoke about their pets, but I stand corrected. We love him so very much. Thank you Abraham for making our lives a little fuller and a lot sunnier!

Nanna Kate X

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