Monday, 21 January 2013

Inspired by Jem!

Feeling very Jem-spired at the moment...

Actually, who am I kidding, she's at the heart of all that I do. Truly Outrageous...

Nanna Kate X

Inspired by Jem!

$48 -

Blink neon pink pumps
$56 -

Metal jewelry

Monday, 14 January 2013

Owl love you

Currently hankering after owl print sweaters <3 p="p">
Nanna Kate X

Owl love you

Burberry sweater

Owl sweater
$200 -

Wallis stoner shirt

$32 -

Navy top
$19 -

Hello from Crochet land

I'm making amazing progress on my goal to learn a new skill! Only this is crochet and not knitting as I had originally intended (though I am sure I will master both over the next few months as we save for holidays and can't afford to go anywhere!)

I have found that cake, patience and starting over all help!

I want to share a few pictures with you... I am using Sirdar Crofter DK self patterned Fair Isle yarn in Thistle. Think eventually this will become a baby blanket, provided one of my two pregnant friends has a girl! (Odds are in my favour that at least 1 will!) Which reminds me, I am pinning a tonne of baby craft ideas including bibs, tactile blankets and toys, wall decorations, etc on Pinterest so be sure to follow me if you're feeling broody, nesting or have friends who are expecting!

How are your goals coming along for 2013?

Nanna Kate X

Saturday, 5 January 2013

And they call it puppy love...

In the Summer my partner and I bought a puppy. I like animals but I never really loved animals but this was seriously love at first sight!

Our journey into puppy ownership began when we went to pick from the litter. There were three little boys left, the smallest one had been reserved, and the middle sized one came wobbling over to us, and just fell at our feet. When we picked him up we just knew!

Abraham (cool name huh?) makes us smile every day without fail and I think our lives would be a much gloomier place without him. I used to laugh at my Mam and Sister who are 'pet people' because of the way they spoke about their pets, but I stand corrected. We love him so very much. Thank you Abraham for making our lives a little fuller and a lot sunnier!

Nanna Kate X

Thursday, 3 January 2013

January Nanna Fashion

January Nanna Fashion

January Nanna Fashion by katyboo84 featuring stella mccartney

I am a geek for lists and I thought it would be fun to start curating a mini wish list every month via Polyvore an amazing site I found where you can add the styles you're rocking to a mini collage. Perfecto! 

What are you craving in the cold, cruel month of January?

Nanna Kate X

Stella mccartney

Ash biker boots
$340 -

River Island zipper bag
$33 -

Eclectic Shock vintage ring
$20 -

Jigsaw floral scarve
$110 -

Wayfarer sunglasses

DIY Handmade Sewing Accessories

Hello there lovely!

Today I wanted to start sharing some of the gifts I made for my friends and family for Christmas. First up, the cute sewing accessories I made for my friend Amanda. We have our own little craft club at which we meet up with a few of our girl friends, eat cake and craft... at our very first meeting I noticed that Amanda didn't have a needle case, so I decided I would make her one for Christmas, then I got carried away making her a pin cushion and scissors case too...

Needle Case: I took a piece of purple felt and a piece of Joel Dewberry Heirloom Marble Stripe Green fabric which I purchased from Liberty's of London back in June both around 2 inch by 6 inch and I sewed them together, right sides facing in, by hand, with the smallest seam allowance I could muster. Then I turned it inside out, added a press stud and sewed on a hand tied ribbon bow. Easily one of the easiest things I've made! I filled it up with a variety of needles and voile a!

Pin Cushion: marginally more complex - I took two 3 inch by 3 inch squares of felt in contrasting purple and black, and a half inch by 12 inch piece of the same Joel Dewberry fabric. I formed a 'cube' then stuffed it with some toy stuffing (tip [incidentally from Amanda!]: pull the stuffing in to really tiny pieces as you go, this allows you to shape your item easily). Next I 'gift wrapped' it with ribbon, then sewed a button either side to pull it all tight and hide the ribbon crossovers.

Scissors Case: being a Pinterest addict I found this amazing pin which I repinned from Vicki's Fabric Creations Blog it includes a really simple template from which I cut two pieces of fabric, one in black and one in the co-ordinating fabric. Next I pinned it right sides facing in and sewed around the edge with my machine (could easily be hand stitched too!). Then I turned it right way out and folded it as per the instructions and finally sewed around the edge to create the holder.

With Mothering Sunday right around the corner this could be a really nice gift idea for you to try! What handmade gifts did you try out for Christmas?

Nanna Kate X

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello again X

Hello lovelies!

It looks like I am back... after a tragic summer and a difficult, grief filled latter half of 2012, I sat down and wrote a list of goals for 2013. As a result, I decided I wanted to re-start my Nanna Kate blog up to indulge my creative side and more importantly to create a permanent record of the progress against my ambitions for this year. There will be the usual mix of crafty projects, baking / recipes, random thoughts, musings, plus a few personal stories about achievements I hope for, as well as the things that don't go quite according to plan (and I imagine there will be a few!)

So, what better a way to recommence blogging than to re-join in the amazing Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers?

(if you want to read Julie's, or join in yourself, click the button above!)

1 = firsts, the first Christmas in our own home, the first Christmas with our tiny baby puppy dog, Abraham, the first Christmas dinner we cooked ourselves, the first Christmas Eve we waited for Santa in our own home, the first Christmas tree we bought together

50 = pieces in the decoration set we bought for our tree to go with the string of 50 = lights in amber glow and the 6 = handmade decorations I crafted in the run up to the festive season

1,000,000 = dollars I felt at my work's Christmas party meal (I'm in the lace bolero, champagne coloured dress above with my amazing gal pal, Becky) after losing just over 3 stone in 2012 following Weight Watchers

6 = Baby's First Christmas Heart decorations/keepsakes I crafted, 3 pictured here plus 3 more for the baby boom amongst my friends and colleagues

4 = long walks taken with this muddy baby...

1/2 = inch of snow fall this year, not much to complain about, but Abe didn't think too much of it...

14 = age of our gorgeous niece, Olivia, who is turning in to a real grown up right before my eyes! 1 = pieces of that amazing Oreo birthday cake consumed, 12 = inches of mexicana pizza eaten and 1.70 = exorbitantly priced ironic glass of accompanying 'diet' coke (hence the 5.5 = lb gained over Christmas!)

 = the number of games of Yahtzee played... but seriously, I rolled 1,2,3,5 and needed a 4 for a high straight... not only did I get it on my next roll but it rolled into line (check out the picture!) so I figured that 2013 is going to be a lucky one, right?

Thank you for stopping by, watch out over the next few days as I blog about my home made gift efforts (including links to some very cool tutorials) plus I will be sharing some of my amazing Christmas gifts with you! Happy 2013!

Nanna Kate X