Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yarn Bombing at Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Do you know what Yarn Bombing is? As a former WI member and pseudo Nanna, I felt very disappointed in myself that I didn't know what it was. I found out a few days ago when one of my colleagues asked me if I had seen the knitting at Saltburn-by-the-Sea. I hadn't and when I asked what on earth he was talking about he told me that a secret knitter had 'yarn bombed' the pier at the quaint seaside town. He 'thought' I'd have known it was there, I 'should' have known it was there - and yet there I was wondering why the hell someone would knit artwork and display it on a pier in a sleepy little corner of the country. The answer to my question, of course, is why the hell not?!

Yarn Bombing is a form of Guerrilla Artwork, just like Graffiti (Banksy style), it started years ago, about 2004 and if you spend a little time on Google Images you can see some amazing examples, including a bus stop adorned with a huge bobble hat - now that's my kind of art!

I popped to Saltburn Pier to have a look and was absolutely astounded. Metres and metres of knitted dolls, participating in Olympic Sports. The whole thing is a celebration of the Olympics in fact, with medals, Olympic rings, the opening and closing ceremonies and of course the Olympic Torch. I took a couple of pictures but it was dark - I highly recommend if your within a commutable distance you go see it - it's truly amazing.

Have you got any examples of Yarn Bombing near to where you live?

Nanna Kate X


  1. I hope it is still there when I manage to go. Better than the suspect bomb scare which happened soon after. Saltburn has really hit the news recently :0)

  2. I know!!!!! So much for Sleepy Saltburn! Hope you get to see it X