Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pinch Punch First of the Month

Welcome to March guys!

Spring is here and I am feeling very green fingered. I got a lovely new Mini Daffodil, off my wonderful girlfriend and it's found it's way to the bathroom windowsill with my other two gorgeous plants. 

My orchid is in full bloom now, with FIVE beautiful flowers

And my Peace Lily has spun out of control. It's still not flowering, but it's just getting more and more unruly by the day! It's huge... I just hope that when I re-pot it next, it will flower.

I love my plants, every morning when I brush my teeth I check how they are doing and it makes me so happy to see them grow! I can't wait until I can fill my own house up with them! Do you have any pretty plants in your home?

Nanna Kate X 

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