Saturday, 24 March 2012

Oooh la la

I've finally found a French Restaurant. Well technically that's not true it was the work of my other half, who took me there for lunch for my birthday this month. Since my first trip to Chaulnes, 16 years ago I knew I loved French cuisine more than anything in the world. I've returned plenty of times over and I have never found anywhere close by that replicates the authenticity of Moules Marinières, Salade Niçoise and Steak Frites...

We went to Rustique in Richmond for lunch though and it finally filled that baguette shaped hole in my heart, I started with a Crayfish Cocktail, followed by Gratin de Fruits de Mer, rounded up with a Crème Brûlée. My partner tucked in to Soup De Jour (Basque Egg was unavailable and potentially the only other thing she would eat - very fussy eater) which was Tomato and Goats Cheese, then Steak Frites with Au Poivre sauce, finally a Crepe stuffed with caramel and Banana.

What I liked best was not that the place was stunning, nor that the waitress was the nicest person in the world, nor that the food was stunning, but that the place was unpretentious, with chunky plates, simple cutlery and a bright bubbly atmosphere. Though I am perfectly capable of differentiating my soup spoon from my salad fork, I hate feeling intimidated by a really pompous ambience, I like to feel comfortable and to enjoy my food and to laugh a little at the pronunciation of the menu choices or to just point at a wine selection, without compromising on the special feel of a meal out.

I will be reviewing Rustique soon, but for now, here's some pictures of our wonderful meal (which was bargainous at just £40 with a glass of wine and coffee!).

Where's your favourite French restaurant?

Nanna Kate X

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