Thursday, 22 March 2012

Geo... What Now?

I was telling my colleague at work all about the Yarn Bombing on Saltburn Pier which I wrote about here. She told me about another 'craze' which I had no idea about called Geo Caching - I just knew I had to try it and as I had a couple of days off for my birthday, we decided to have a go. It's sort of a real life treasure hunt using GPS Satellites. If you don't know much about it, or want to know more after reading this post, I recommend......... a quick Google of course - what else!?

We only downloaded the free version of the App on iTunes (also available on Google Play) because the full version cost £7 and we're far too tight to splash out that sort of money on an App! Within the free version though, you get three possible Geo Caches at once which was kind of all we needed as we could only 'do' one at a time.

A Geo Cache is a little log book left somewhere concealed, in a container, usually a 35mm film canister (if you don't know what that is, you probably should be watching Hannah Montana or something rather than reading about a 20-something running around looking for 'treasure'). Depending on the size of the Cache (other containers can be used) there can be little 'artefacts' left for you to find, or even just the tiniest log book, no pencil, in a 'micro' Cache. Usually the description of the location of the Cache will tell you any special instructions - such as making sure you take a pen, or an artefact to leave behind, or whatever, so you need to read carefully.

We went to a small village just outside the town we live and we set off on foot (though some Caches are 'drive by'), we walked 2km to the location of the first Cache on the app. It wasn't there, or if it was it was seriously well concealed - like buried! So, 2km back to the car and we drove to the second Cache which also wasn't there. And then we drove to a third site. Still no Cache. Finally we stopped at this old railway line and followed the path for 2.2km (and yes, 2.2km back!). A cut thumb, shoelace issue, contact lens incident and wet dog sniffing at me inappropriately later - and we found our first Geo Cache!!!! I don't think either of us have ever been more excited!

It was a medium sized Cache and contained lots of little cute things people had left behind, a log book and a little bit of information about Geo Caching. I was just overwhelmed by how exciting the concept is that there are literally millions of these across the world - one could be right under your nose. Plus if you get some nice sunshine like we did and take a camera and picnic, it could work out to be a very nice day out!

Plus we earned loads of Activity Points for Weight Watchers too from all of the walking... all in all a beautiful day. Have you ever heard of / been Geo Caching? What did you think?

Nanna Kate X

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  1. Heard of it and mean to try it some day. OH has it included on his Sat Nav so it always makes you curious when you drive by them to wonder what's there :0)
    Glad you enjoyed it.