Friday, 23 March 2012

Finding Inspiration

I must be the only person who would need to go out and buy something if I followed a tutorial for an upcycled item. I never have scraps of such and such laying around - perhaps a side effect of my frugal personality - I don't tend to buy a lot 'just in case' and I don't like waste, so I will measure and plan to make sure there aren't off cuts or leftovers. INSTEAD, I have a penchant for keeping and collecting things and as a result tend to have a lot of odds and sods stashed away - but these things get forgotten about and then I go through a 'minimalism' phase and give everything to charity. My other half thinks I am a bit of a pain for it - there isn't a crevice in our room which doesn't have a box of something stuffed in it - then four bin liners will emerge and a swift call will be made to the latest charity I support to see if they are taking donations!

We bought a new bed this month and whilst tidying underneath our old one to make way for a frustrating flat packing session, I found a lovely little tin of inspiration. It was filled with vintage lace (I usually get annoyed when people throw the word vintage about, but this is older than me!), fabric and bits and bobs like the teddy shaped button you can see in the picture, lollypop sticks, pipe cleaners, match sticks, feathers to list just a few...

It didn't just happen under the bed by mistake. I inherited it from my Nanna (my Mam salvaged it for me from her things when she passed away and I'd always loved to rummage it when I was a kid), who used to knit dolls (like those I saw at Saltburn Pier, but my Nanna's were even more wonderful!) and used to collect everything and anything to adorn the dolls with. I remember once she made a little Fisherman for my Dad who was a keen Angler, it had a tiny twig she just picked out of the garden for a fishing rod and a tiny silver knitted fish hanging from it. I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one who collects all random manner of things, the difference is, is that my Nanna's treasure box is exactly that, one box. It's perfectly organised with pins securing the wound ribbons and laces. Piece of inspiration number one - organisation is key to hoarding little crafty bits of treasure.

The most astounding thing in the box is the lace. It's all different colours and thicknesses and is begging to be added to a project and unleashed from the box. Piece of inspiration number two - make something using the lace so I can have my Nanna with me at all times (physical presence will be nice in addition to the place in my heart).

Piece of inspiration number three - get committed. Not in to a mental asylum. I have a million ideas for projects at any one time swirling around my mind. And my Nanna did too, this box is evidence, she was always making something. I need to get making even if it isn't a huge project, even if it is, even if it's simple, even if it isn't. I'm positive that there's some kind of quotation I could probably insert in here but for me, 'an idea you don't turn in to reality is a sad shame' (Nanna Kate, 2012) will do... Thanks Nanna for providing me with lots of inspiration through your carefully curated collection.

Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Nanna Kate X

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