Monday, 26 March 2012

Digital is BACK!

Happy Monday my lovely readers! What a gorgeously sunshiney weekend we had up North, hope the rest of my readers are enjoying Spring too! I went out for a picnic yesterday (Weightwatchers friendly of course!) and took along my new (second hand) Digital SLR Camera. It's a Nikon D100 and when I bought it from a girl at work, I hadn't a clue how to use it.

After today, a brief flick through the instruction manual and a browse of the Digital SLR and Photography for Dummies e-Book I bought in preparation for purchasing the camera, I'm no further forward, but I did manage to take a picture or two... so here's my first few snaps!

After my Analogue Adventures which just cost SO much in developing costs, I am quite happy with the results of these pictures and really seriously re-embracing the digital lifestyle (though I used a photo editing package to do some auto corrections and cleaning up). I can't wait to get the sensor cleaned on the camera so that I don't have to do any editing and can just enjoy the pictures for what they are!

How did you maximise your time in the sunshine?

Nanna Kate X

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