Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Box Off!

I decided to subscribe to two new boxes this month because I had discount codes for both and couldn't pick.

The first box, from She Said Beauty was their first box in the beauty box world. I was so excited as I'd read that first boxes were supposed to be 'epic'. Here's what I got:

Overall I was much MORE impressed with She Said Beauty than I was with Glossybox, the contents were far more appropriate for me personally as I am not really 'in' to anti-aging products, and this box was packed with lots of younger, on trend products. The Orly Mini Manicures Nail Polish is such a cute colour - it's a mix between denim and mint green - in fact, it's very similar to the colour of the beauty box! I like the fact that there was an Orly nail file in the box too, though the grain was far too coarse for me, so I have given it away to a friend.

I also liked that there was a flowering dragon eye tea in the box, a nice little touch to brew whilst unpacking the box contents... The Aveda haircare products were lovely and everyone has commented on my hair since I used them, but I just think that the trial sizes were so small, I wouldn't be able to make a judgement on them which is a bit of a shame!!

The Comfort Zone was a really nice touch - a little night time kit for skin - that doesn't have any mention of wrinkles! Fab, and the serum may have required an aeronautical degree to open, but it smells like drops of heaven!

I LOVED the fact that inside there was a nest type filling - it made me think of Easter, especially with the pink and blue coloured packaging. It made me happy and excited to try out the Spring Orly colour on my nails.

Like most bloggers, I was kind of disappointed by the Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip creme. Not because it's a cheap 'drugstore' brand, because despite that fact it's a gorgeous designed package and the product seems quite innovative. I was just disappointed with the colour - it's really not in right now and I think had it been a nude I would have been really excited to try it. As it is - I have given this away to a friend too.

The following day my Carmine box arrived...

Now, there was a flurry of controversy surrounding this one, as they'd had a big influx of subscribers in February and so they had to give some old favourite products to new subscribers (that meant me). So, I got some stuff which has already been blogged to death about...

Don't get me wrong, I was excited by the products that the box included and they were WAYYYYY more age appropriate than the other beauty boxes - BUT and it was a big but, I am a little annoyed that it wasn't a surprise and instead just a replication of what I've already seen on the site.

I guess for me now that I have experienced the majority of the beauty boxes, I can safely say, the girls at She Said Beauty and Carmine have got the product picks down to a fine art. But, I was gutted I didn't get to try some of the newer products from Carmine, and I think I will keep the tenner per box in my pocket and mix and match my own cosmetic purchases to inject some freshness onto my beauty shelf!

Did you try She Said Beauty or Carmine? What's your opinion!?

Nanna Kate X

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