Monday, 13 February 2012

Tiniest Surprises

I was given this little pack of sweets by a friend at work at Christmas - she gave them out to our whole team; but, she gave me this particular tin design as she knows I am an absolute Twihard and adore R-Patz (I am NOT ashamed!). I never opened it and just kept it for decoration on my desk, next to my Twilight calendar...

Someone later asked if I liked the little sweets inside and it reminded me I hadn't even opened it. When I did, I found the cutest little heart shaped sweets ever!

This got me to thinking how good teeny tiny surprises are. Finding a fiver in an old bag / coat, getting a text off an old friend, realising you still have one crisp left in the bag when you thought they were finished, waking up suddenly and remembering it's Sunday and you don't have to get up...

What are your favourite mini-teeny-tiny surprises?

Nanna Kate X


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