Monday, 27 February 2012

Our February First

This month we booked a holiday! In a real travel agents! This might sound pretty unremarkable to most people, but after 3 years of scrimping and scraping to take the odd weeks holiday here, couple of days there, usually booked online through various companies that have subsequently gone bust or featured on 'holidays from hell', we finally took the (expensive) plunge and booked at the travel agents. 

We were greeted with a cocktail (I had a coffee as I was driving unfortunately!) and we booked to go to Morocco in June. I am super excited and it was probably one of the biggest purchases we've made as a couple. We spent the rest of the day giggling and saying silly things like 'I can't believe we're going on holiday'. 

Booking online has usually meant we've booked and travelled within days - but this time we have a few months to get excited. And, I just can't wait to spend (almost) a couple of weeks in the sunshine!

Have you done anything new or exciting for you this month?

Nanna Kate X

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