Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Month In Numbers February 2012


Well, I for one cannot believe that February is now over. I promised myself I would make something ready for next Christmas every month - I haven't and I am kind of thinking now, it's going to creep up on my again before I even realise it! Arghhhh...

Anyway, my month looked a little like this!

6.5 = lb lost at Weight Watchers. That's 12lb in total. I am really enjoying the diet, though I have had a couple of naughty days lately (my Sister's birthday!) I am still very positive and sure I can make this change forever!

203 = days smoke free. Will never tire of quoting this statistic!

3 = Valentine's presents waiting for me along with a beautiful card. I got Lola by Marc Jacobs, I can't express how made up I was, it's one of my favourite perfumes ever and it was totally unexpected, after we agreed NO PRESENTS!!!!!

3 = also the number of strikes that I got when I was bowling a couple of weeks ago. I'm not bragging; but I've never had one before, EVER! I think I have finally found my stride!

1 = blog competitions I won... again, this was FIRST TIME EVER! And, the Lord knows I try! I was absolutely made up it came all beautifully wrapped up from Jo at Sugar and Scrap with a stunning handmade card and packed up with lots of crafty bits, embellishments, split pins, stickers, tags... I could go on! I can't wait to find some spare time and create a new scrapbook page.

£120 = spent on my new digital SLR camera! I took the plunge and just bought a Nikon D100 to start with. £2.49 = spent on Photography and Digital SLRs for Dummies which I will definitely be needing.

120 = also is the number of days until our holiday to Marrakesh. I can't wait, especially after following Susannah Conway's photo study of her recent trip there.

1 million = pro points used on Wine this month when my Sister and I went out for her birthday to the amusements... yes, you read right! We went for angelic pizza at Pizza Express then over to Hollywood Bowl to play Guitar Hero, go on the Simulator (not pleasant with a tummy full of White Zinfandel!), ride the Bikes and drink demonic, none diet friendly Vino. Very fun...

6 = tickets bought. 2 for a Comedy Night in Stockton 'Lady Ha Ha', 2 for Florence and the Machine, this will be the second time I see her and... most importantly... 2 for ALANIS MORISSETTE my heroine, idol, obsession. To say I am excited would be an understatement. The last time she toured the UK, 7 years ago, I queued all day to get to the front of the concert and this time will be no different! Woop!

12 pins on my Spring 2012 Wish List on Pinterest. I am lusting after so, so much!

62% = my grade for my latest Uni assignment. This is my lowest grade for a little while, but to say Neural Networks were difficult to get my head round, would be like saying I am excited for Alanis. A complete understatement. It was like some kind of nuclear physics. I am just glad to have passed.  1 = assignments left, 1 = dissertations to do and 9 = months until graduation!

I hope your February was a lovely as mine, I am looking so forward to March as I will be turning 28 and I adore my birthday, will see you back here soon.

Nanna Kate X

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  1. Seems liek you'd had a lot to be happy + proud of this month. And a lot of fun [although I feel quesy at the thought of doing anything energetic after wine!]

    Thanks for joining in, you're on the board now:

    Julie :-)

    1. Aw thanks Julie! Yes, I know I do! :)

      Glad you had a great month! X

  2. What a fun and diverse set of numbers. Glad you saved the neural networks number until last. Can't get my head round that one. Well done you!

    1. Thanks so much! And hope to see you next month too...
      I can't get my head around it either and it's my job!!! :o)

  3. That is a brilliant set of numbers - I have really enjoyed reading them. we are off to see Florence too and the blog candy looks really good in the photo. Glad you liked it.
    Have fun x

    1. I can't wait to see her! Will be a fab night! I loved it, thanks again, still so made up to win! :o) X

  4. an interesting month and lots to look forward too.

    1. yes thanks Louise, I am looking forward to a lot this month! :o) hope to see you back here soon! X

  5. So many fun numbers! Congrats on the blog win! I am off to check your Pinterest Spring wish list ;)

  6. Love your list - we are like Alanis in this house too and I notice you have a Diana F+...I visited Lomography for the first time this month :)