Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Latest Charity Shop Finds...

I currently have a love/hate relationship with charity shops.

Hate: going in to see Rocket Dog Pumps, well worn with filthy soles for £20 = extortionate pricing
Love: reasonable pricing

Quite simple really. We go charity shop shopping every couple of weeks, at least once a month and we have found some really great bargains. But, lately, it's just getting so expensive that I can't justify spending the money they demand on something pre-loved.

This weekend I managed to find a couple of lovely little things, including this gorgeous seventies tiled wooden tea tray which cost just £1:

I just want to stack it up with a chunky coffee pot, some heavy mugs and rough oat cookies, perfect for a cold rainy day by the fire. I also picked up these new, old prettily embroidered, scalloped edged handkerchiefs wrapped up in a white ribbon and sweet pink and white tartan print box, 50p...  

We spotted a sign for a Vintage Flea Market and popped down for a look about. This was the first time we've ever been to a flea market as such (another first in February!), because nothing that cool happens anywhere we live! But this was happening and we just happened to stumble across it. It was almost over when we got there and they were packing their goodies up.

Just as we were about to leave I found this very cute enamel match box, it's pink, floral and antique - and it was in a box where everything was 50p. Bargain!

Next up, my very cute white ceramic bisque candle holder. This is particularly fab as I just got a couple of items from Partylite which will really go with this. It was covered in black marks and stains, but my lovely other half cleaned it up using Bicarb (which is like a miracle product!) and it came up like new. It was also 50p, it looks a little boring in the light, but this is it lit up... what do you think?!

My last find of the day - an incredibly cheery egg cup, with my sister's name on - perfect as it's her birthday, at 25p this isn't all she'll be getting, but I know it will put a big smile on her face as she loves having dippy eggs with my adorable nephew. Happy birthday sis!

That's it, my mini-treasure haul, for a massive £2.75. Now, that's what I call a charity shop! Have you found any bargainous mini-treasures lately?

Nanna Kate X

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