Wednesday, 1 February 2012

An Imperfect Crafter (...Jack of all trades, master of none...)

I live, breathe and love crafting. I am always making something or designing something or trying a new skill or fad, I read and subscribe to loads of craft blogs and I am constantly inspired.

But I'm not perfect.

I don't know why, I just cannot force myself to do things 'properly' or perfectly. I have always been the same since I was a child, I like quirky and odd ball in my life and I don't know if my imperfect crafting is an extension of that. It's not through lack of practise, as I do stuff over and over again and I devote a lot of time to crafting.

I thought I would share a couple of recent 'imperfect projects' I've made. It's funny because I shared these with an expert and straight away she said she could tell that I hadn't used a rotary cutter, quilter's mat and rule. I like the imperfection though, I think it adds to the fun!

Vintage Thomas the Tank Engine fabric magically transformed in to a quilt for my Nephew's Christmas present (My own bed quilt in the background which I also made, see below)
21st Quilt for my friend. I know, a random choice of present - but like I said, I like odd. 

Both of these quilts (and my own on my bed) look fantastic in my opinion and were gratefully received. I think I love being an imperfect crafter in lots of areas more than I would love to be perfect in just one. What about you? Are your crafting skills perfect or imperfect and which do you like best?

Nanna Kate X


  1. Well, I am not a fan of 'perfect. I don't even like the concept of 'perfect/imperfect'. I suspect that perhaps 'perfect' is an an experts's shorthand word for 'regular with no variation', or 'straight lined' and 'ninety-degree corners'. Isn't that what factory made processes are for? Give me the idiosyncratic and individual and quirky any day - yours are, well, perfect. :)!

    1. AWWWW Thanks :o* Exactly :o)

      You should have left a link to your blog! X

  2. I like the slight wonkiness of your quilts. I achieve plenty of wonkiness with my sewing, so I'm happy to use my rotary cutter.

  3. - here's the link to the one little word class.

    also, if you click the name of the person who commented above, it will take you to her blogger profile, which will tell you her blog - that's how I found you after you commented on my blog.

    also - go into your blogger profile and set up your email address to be visible to people, then we don't have to fill your comments up with crazy stuff :) have a good day.

  4. these look brilliantly perfect to me!!!