Thursday, 8 December 2011

Smokey Eye for Dummies (kind of)

I had my Christmas party last week and I put my hair in a beehive. I really wanted a smouldering, smokey eye to go with it, kind of Adele hair mixed with Jessie J eyes - but I am no make up pro and I have always been quite scared of the 'smokey eye'; I've seen a bazillion tutorials and I've tried to recreate the look - but it never works out quite according to plan.   
Over time, I've kind of created my own version and here I'm sharing it with you - it's super easy and if I can do it, even the most inept, ham-fisted person can copy... it's foolproof :o)

Here I am 'au naturel'

Add a little brow make up (I use the HD Brows I got in my Glossy Box)
and under brow highlighter.
I used an old white eye shadow to do this! 

Next, I add silver liquid shadow called Shimmering Shine from Bourjois
(now discontinued - you can get still get it on eBay, etc
or use an alternative)

Then, I add black shadow out of my Sleek iDivine in Sunset

Add a little liquid Eyeliner - I got mine from Company Mag free!

Finally a little secret weapon Mirenesse Mascara
 And that's it! I think it looks pretty and though it's not spectacular or make up artist standard, it is a total transformation from my plain Jane look!

Nanna Kate X

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