Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Seeing Spots

You might remember that in my November Glossy Box I received some nail wraps from Nail Rock? No, okay, let me remind you...
How hot is that packaging?!

So, I've never applied nail wraps and though generally speaking I can manage most beauty application methods with ease, I am a bit nervous of anything to do with nails! I decided to try the wraps and I carefully read through the instructions (proceeding with caution of course...) It all seemed so simple so I took off all my nail polish, filed and buffed my nails, carefully pushed back my cuticles and applied a little nourishing hand and nail cream (which I left to completely dry so that there wasn't any residue at all on my nail or cuticle).

Cut out each nail wrap ready for application

Stuck on each wrap carefully, starting from the cuticle, smoothing down and finally trimming at the tip

When I'd done, around 10 minutes later, I was suitably impressed by the quality and ease of application. I was a little worried they'd just peel off and was dubious about the 'up to 10 day' wear claim. But, they didn't, and they attracted so much interest. At one point I was stood in New Look with a bunch of the staff crowded round my phone showing them the shots above and explaining the application method and where I got them from!

A week later (sadly not 10 days, but not far off either!) they began to look a little tatty and were peeling at the edges. So I removed them, delighted to see no damage whatsoever and a healthy nail underneath.

I was sad to say goodbye to my spots, but I will definitely be trying them again, coveting these studded ones now... think they will look fab for the festive season!
NAIL ROCK  Nail Wrap - Studded Cover
Nanna Kate X

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