Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Month In Numbers November 2011

Ok, so here's my grumpy month in numbers... for more positively spirited posts check out Julie Kirk's month in numbers over at Notes on Paper

748 = photos lost when micro sd card got a virus
18 = minutes it took subsequent to above for my laptop to completely burnout and lose EVERYTHING ever
34 = minutes spent staring at all gadgetry wondering... WHY OH WHY ME? AM I A BAD PERSON?
0 = photos from November consequently...
2 = screenings of Breaking Dawn Part 1.
9.5 = number of hours at Twiathlon... cue numb bum!
2 = concerts attended. Britney and Bryan Adams. The latter was my 3rd favourite concert EVER it was incredible!
1 = assignments handed in for uni 5 = days early. A feat for me given my usual lateness
50 = pounds spent on Pearl Lowe at Peacocks raspberry red lace dress for my work Christmas party
1 = size down I had to order after losing a bit more weight this month. 50 = percent saved on the smaller size due to lovely discounts I found. 11 = pounds spent on lovely suede New Look wedges to go with my dress which are super comfortable and also weirdly a size down from my usual feet size!

2 = hours spent watching Christmas movies, this will quadruple in December so watch out! As will the number of mince pies I eat and this stands at 4 for November... uh oh!
1 = new crown for my latest review on Dooyoo and 13 = new followers on Twitter. Yay! 8 = new apps downloaded, 21 = blog posts starred to do 'something' with at a later date, 33% = number of starred posts by A Beautiful Mess... is there any end to Elsie and the gang's talent?
There's also been a LOT of time spent planning Christmas for the first time ever I have made some homemade gifts which is satisfying and is getting me excited for the Big day... hurry up Santa?

That's it for now. Sorry about the lack of visuals... have a lovely December, see you back here soon! Nanna Kate X


  1. Thanks for joining in Kate - in spite of all the technical calamities! You definitely sound like you're in the Christmas spirit though, and handmade suddenly seems quite safe and less likely to blow up on you!

    I'll look forward to your next set of statistics ... if only to see if you've continued shrinking [you didn't knock back anything with 'Drink Me' on the label did you?] ;-)


  2. Thank you for coming to visit my "numbers" and for directing me back here. I think I'll be back! I'm commiserating with your loss and admiring your taste. That Pearl Lowe collection is lovely!

  3. Great numbers, hope you get your laptop sorted or replaced soon, if it's gone to laptop heaven.
    C xx