Friday, 9 December 2011

Clinique Haul!

In work we often get visitors, like sweet companies, jewellers, perfumeries, etc. Clinique popped in the other day and they had a tidy 10% off for staff plus it was bonus time, buy two products, one to be skincare, and get a lovely little make up case packed with goodies. Unfortunately I got the wrong product and due to the mix up, when they delivered the correct product, the store representative brought me a bag of extra goodies too! Woop...

So here's what I got:

And I bought... :o)

I'm so excited to have replaced the Touch Base for Eyes, you can read my review of it here 'Touch Me In The Morning...' but the gel was a new venture... I've never tried it before and so far so good!

Nanna Kate X 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Smokey Eye for Dummies (kind of)

I had my Christmas party last week and I put my hair in a beehive. I really wanted a smouldering, smokey eye to go with it, kind of Adele hair mixed with Jessie J eyes - but I am no make up pro and I have always been quite scared of the 'smokey eye'; I've seen a bazillion tutorials and I've tried to recreate the look - but it never works out quite according to plan.   
Over time, I've kind of created my own version and here I'm sharing it with you - it's super easy and if I can do it, even the most inept, ham-fisted person can copy... it's foolproof :o)

Here I am 'au naturel'

Add a little brow make up (I use the HD Brows I got in my Glossy Box)
and under brow highlighter.
I used an old white eye shadow to do this! 

Next, I add silver liquid shadow called Shimmering Shine from Bourjois
(now discontinued - you can get still get it on eBay, etc
or use an alternative)

Then, I add black shadow out of my Sleek iDivine in Sunset

Add a little liquid Eyeliner - I got mine from Company Mag free!

Finally a little secret weapon Mirenesse Mascara
 And that's it! I think it looks pretty and though it's not spectacular or make up artist standard, it is a total transformation from my plain Jane look!

Nanna Kate X

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Seeing Spots

You might remember that in my November Glossy Box I received some nail wraps from Nail Rock? No, okay, let me remind you...
How hot is that packaging?!

So, I've never applied nail wraps and though generally speaking I can manage most beauty application methods with ease, I am a bit nervous of anything to do with nails! I decided to try the wraps and I carefully read through the instructions (proceeding with caution of course...) It all seemed so simple so I took off all my nail polish, filed and buffed my nails, carefully pushed back my cuticles and applied a little nourishing hand and nail cream (which I left to completely dry so that there wasn't any residue at all on my nail or cuticle).

Cut out each nail wrap ready for application

Stuck on each wrap carefully, starting from the cuticle, smoothing down and finally trimming at the tip

When I'd done, around 10 minutes later, I was suitably impressed by the quality and ease of application. I was a little worried they'd just peel off and was dubious about the 'up to 10 day' wear claim. But, they didn't, and they attracted so much interest. At one point I was stood in New Look with a bunch of the staff crowded round my phone showing them the shots above and explaining the application method and where I got them from!

A week later (sadly not 10 days, but not far off either!) they began to look a little tatty and were peeling at the edges. So I removed them, delighted to see no damage whatsoever and a healthy nail underneath.

I was sad to say goodbye to my spots, but I will definitely be trying them again, coveting these studded ones now... think they will look fab for the festive season!
NAIL ROCK  Nail Wrap - Studded Cover
Nanna Kate X

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Homemade Retro Sweet Hamper

We've just gone through a merger at work and as such we've ended up with two departments doing the same job, but one department for each brand. Our new colleagues are absolutely fab and we've spent quite a bit of time with them lately on various cross-brand projects and team building events. I thought it would be a nice idea to send them something for Christmas and I decided to arrange it (secretly just wanted to make yet another 'homemade' gift!). We had a whip round and off I went shopping!

Google 'retro sweet hamper' and you will be presented with endless examples of companies set up to cash in on the craze for nostalgia and all things 'retro'. Given that these companies can use trade cards and cash 'n' carry accounts to purchase the sweets and baskets at cost price, £30, £40 even £50 seems a whole lot of money for toothache and a trip down memory lane.

Typical contents are: Dip Dab, WHAM Bar, Vimto Bar, Refresher Bar, Double Lolly, Flying Saucers, Fruit Salads, Cola Cubes, Popping Candy, Candy Necklaces, Sherbet Fountain, Gobstopper, Parma Violets, Lovehearts, Refreshers, Black Jacks and candy sticks. And I am talking 1 or 2 of each item with some penny bubbly thrown in for posterity.

I trooped off to our local Boyes and I got 10 x WHAM Bars, 10 x Snap / Crackle Bars, 8 x Dip Dabs, 4 x Double Dips, 3 packs each of Fruit Salads and Black Jacks, 3 boxes of Poppets, 3 Sherbert Fountains, 5 rolls each of Refreshers, Love Hearts, Parma Violets, 2 x each of Eye Poppers and Jaw Breakers, 20 x various Drumstick Lollies (big and little ones, in various flavours), 4 each of packets of Refreshers and Drumstick Chews, 10 x Mr Chews, 10 x Fudge-ees, 10 x Toff-ees, 10 x Double Lollies. Oh and a huge cone of Flying Saucers. It cost £25 for all of the sweets (I went over board a little!), the cellophane, tissue paper to pack it and ribbons. And I personally (though I may be biased!!!) think it looks better than anything else I have seen shop bought.

Would you like Giftwrap with that Toothache, Madam?
It's still to wrap in cellophane and ribbon of course like my other homemade hampers; and one of the girls at work kindly offered to nip to an Olde Sweet Shoppe on her mini break weekend in York to buy us a couple of other delights, but I think it looks neat. I'm quite impressed with my basket arranging!

If you're planning on purchasing one of these sweetie hampers reconsider, making your own represents much more fun and better value for money than what you can purchase online. Plus you can personalise it a bit with stuff you know the recipient will love!

Oh and whilst we're on with the festive sweetie giving - I made sweet cones for our nieces and nephews... what do you think?!

First make a cone using cellophane and sellotape -
excuse the rusty wallpaper scissors -
they are just so good for cellophane!
Stuff with a mixture of Christmas sweets
(candy canes, chocolate snowman, rudolf lolly and Celebrations for mine!)

Twist the top and secure with curling ribbon - et voila!
 Are you making your own sweetie hampers or gift wrapping in an unusual way this year? I would love to hear from you!

Nanna Kate X


Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Month In Numbers November 2011

Ok, so here's my grumpy month in numbers... for more positively spirited posts check out Julie Kirk's month in numbers over at Notes on Paper

748 = photos lost when micro sd card got a virus
18 = minutes it took subsequent to above for my laptop to completely burnout and lose EVERYTHING ever
34 = minutes spent staring at all gadgetry wondering... WHY OH WHY ME? AM I A BAD PERSON?
0 = photos from November consequently...
2 = screenings of Breaking Dawn Part 1.
9.5 = number of hours at Twiathlon... cue numb bum!
2 = concerts attended. Britney and Bryan Adams. The latter was my 3rd favourite concert EVER it was incredible!
1 = assignments handed in for uni 5 = days early. A feat for me given my usual lateness
50 = pounds spent on Pearl Lowe at Peacocks raspberry red lace dress for my work Christmas party
1 = size down I had to order after losing a bit more weight this month. 50 = percent saved on the smaller size due to lovely discounts I found. 11 = pounds spent on lovely suede New Look wedges to go with my dress which are super comfortable and also weirdly a size down from my usual feet size!

2 = hours spent watching Christmas movies, this will quadruple in December so watch out! As will the number of mince pies I eat and this stands at 4 for November... uh oh!
1 = new crown for my latest review on Dooyoo and 13 = new followers on Twitter. Yay! 8 = new apps downloaded, 21 = blog posts starred to do 'something' with at a later date, 33% = number of starred posts by A Beautiful Mess... is there any end to Elsie and the gang's talent?
There's also been a LOT of time spent planning Christmas for the first time ever I have made some homemade gifts which is satisfying and is getting me excited for the Big day... hurry up Santa?

That's it for now. Sorry about the lack of visuals... have a lovely December, see you back here soon! Nanna Kate X