Monday, 7 November 2011

Zero Damage False Nails

Happy Monday Morning!

I thought I'd begin the week by planting a little seed in your mind for the upcoming party season. I saw these great Nailene Nail Stickers over on Elle's Make Up Blog and knew I had to have them. Over the years, I've tried professional and home Acrylic and Gel, professional and home removal, glue and 'ready to stick' nails and I've always ruined my nails; after each time I promise I am not going to shell out so much money just to have my nails ruined after a couple of days / weeks looking good. But, I always end up being unable to resist going back for more and with Christmas right around the corner, my nails were expecting a big blow!

The Nailene Stickers cost £2.49 for 24 tabs from Boots. I bought Boots own French Nails Short Peach 36 Pack because it was the only short, square and peachy coloured (I don't suit pink) pack available in our local Boots - and besides it wasn't the nails on trial! :o)

After making sure nails are varnish and debris free, you simply stick each tab on to your nail and add your false nail. Elle goes in to a bit more detail which I won't repeat! Some tips though, I found peeling the stickers off a little tricky, particularly when I'd applied a couple of nails, so have a pair of tweezers to hand to help you along the way. Choose the biggest size sticker for your nail without it touching your cuticles or skin. Also, set out your nails before hand, you don't want to leave the sticker exposed to the air or the tackiness wears off - work quickly!

I was admittedly doubtful that the stickers would be very strong, but they were - I put them through some rigorous testing too, including fastening jeans, pulling on tight pumps, opening a can of pop, driving my car, shopping and even carving up a pumpkin! The only thing I was disappointed about was that on the third day they looked a little tatty underneath and the nails were just starting to lift. On day five (they are guaranteed for five days) they were all but hanging off and, with reluctance, I pulled the nails off. 

As you can see from the picture, you push off the nail rather than pulling it off and the sticker rolls off like a lump of gel. There's absolutely no damage to the natural OR false nails (meaning you can re-use the nails over and over, and even if you bought 3 packs of stickers to last a month (1 pack = 2 applications, 1 application lasts 5 days) that's only £7.47 per month, which is a whole lot cheaper than anything else I've tried before. Good for nails, easy application and thrifty too - big thumbs up from me!

Nanna Kate X

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