Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I was in my local Asda a couple of days ago and I always like to have a rummage in the reduced section. You know, the stuff that's about to go off in a day or two and they are panicked that they may not sell it, so they add a 'whoops' yellow sticker to it, knock some money off and sell it to thriftsters like me? Well, I was happily rummaging away (why is there always a natural yoghurt in there?), and I came across some Cheese Savoury in a tub. It went off about a week later, and it was reduced from £1.79 to £1.67. Now, it doesn't take a genius to work out that this 'reduction' is 12p, which off an item which was £1.79 works out to be about a 6% reduction.
This got me to thinking, are the supermarkets cashing in on the fact that the world has gone yellow label mad? Sneaking in items which aren't due out of date for a while, but tempting us with that shiny yellow Whoops! label? Whether we 'really' need the item or not?

We have a freezer stocked with cheap loaves of bread, reduced meat, soups, etc so I had a look at what we'd 'saved'. One of the best savings (and they were all pretty good!) was on some Pumpkin and Carrot bread, which was reduced from 70p down to 10p which is about an 85% reduction.

Have you noticed that yellow label items aren't 'as good as they used to be'?!

Nanna Kate X

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