Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October 2011: My Month In Numbers

October has been a busy packed month, but unfortunately, not with much that is of interest to you guys out there (unless you're interested in two way ANOVA and logistic Vs. linear regression? No? Didn't think so!...) Hopefully November will be a bit more interesting, but I have just hit third year Uni and it's not pretty...

10,000 = rough number of words written across two Uni assignments which were similar in complexity to the Puzzle of God. Seriously if I see another equation in the next few weeks I'll scream!

2 = reunions with very important close friends from the past. The first, one of my best friends (though we had a love/hate relationship!) from primary school who emigrated to Australia with her family when we were 11. We hadn't seen each other in 16 years, so this was pretty full on, crazy and in actual fact, wonderful! She has an Australian accent which was strange! I also saw a couple of other friends who I'd not seen since I was about 16; catching up was great

I also saw another friend who I was really close to a few years ago at work. We hadn't seen each other in 4 or more years maybe so it was pretty awesome too. We chatted for hours and had some lush cherry and almond cake that her lovely hubby had made us. Plus lots and lots of tea!

7 = lbs lost in October, above friends were all very complimentary, plus, it's been 83 = days not Smoking, so I'm going in the right direction! And it's honestly still hard, but getting easier every single day

£18.50 = spent in local farmers market. Who knew raw Chorizo could be so tempting. I think I am entering in to diet hell this month, but honest to goodness, the stuff I bought is to die for.

4 = times I've eaten out this last month, which is quite a lot for my frugal lifestyle!! Steak on the Rocks and Scallops at The Balcony Hotel in Stockton was by far the best of the bunch; I even felt it worthy of being posted on my Foodspotting page

2 = days spent on a team building event with work which required us to drink copious amounts of alcohol (when I say required, I really mean enabled), eat lots of food, then build and race a go kart. I won't lie, work social events tend to make me nervous and though I join in, I don't particularly 'love' what we do. But this time, it was different, I mean look at our kart for a start; how could that NOT be exciting?!

2 = number of events celebrated with home made food, decorations and costumes (Halloween and Diwali - post to follow) at work! Again, totally enjoyable and fun events! Honestly!
1 = time my sewing machine was dusted down and brought out to be used. Very poor indeed. This will be remedied shortly owing to 1,000,000 = approximate pipeline projects.

2.5 = hours laughing hysterically until I cried and my tummy hurt at the Lee Evans Roadrunner Tour 2011. Brilliant Christmas present, which was totally worth the wait!

100 = followers reached on Twitter. And, I have hit 1000 blog views. Could.not.be.happier.

Finally, and a little smugly, 2 = Christmas presents bought! Woop... an achievement in itself I believe!

As you can see, work has kind of taken over my month. I have just been so busy work / Uni that the crafting and baking and sewing has taken a back seat. But November has a lot going on and I can't wait - plus it was nice to incorporate a little of who I am in to work this month! Hope you had a lovely October, I can't wait for November and I will see you all then; comment and I will check out your post.

Nanna Kate X


  1. Ooh I've not heard of that restaurant - might have to add it to the list of places to try.

    Thanksd for joining in again! That kart does look like fun - not sure I'de have wanted to do the dreaded 'team-building' activities that go along with it though!

    I've added a link to you in my original post: http://notesonpaper.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-month-innumbers-2011-october.html

    Thanks again.
    Julie :-)

    p.s I think 'linear regression' sounds like the perfect thing for a post about numbers!

  2. This was a fun read! Your "reunions" sound very interesting to me as I have quite a few long lost friends... + congrats on your diet and non-smoking records :)