Monday, 24 October 2011

An Organised Christmas

I wrote about the fact I am trying to get organised for Winter a few posts ago and so far, I've done ok. I still have some things to do which can be done over the next few weeks but the bare essentials are currently living in my car boot.

As well as preparing for Winter I am also preparing for Christmas, so when my friend from Home Matters Most told me all about Organized Home, a website which provides checklists and schedules for organising your home, having a very special set of plans to help organise the festive season I was so excited I couldn't wait to create my 'holiday' planner.

Though I had every intention of creating a handmade, decorated binder I needed to organise myself more than I needed to create something beautiful - this was a seriously practical project and so I just bit the bullet and stuck my planner pages, which are FREE to download from Organized Home's site, in to a normal 12 ring soft cover binder.

There are various plans you can choose from, depending on how much you 'do' at Christmas, how much of a party planner you are, how festive you feel... I chose the Christmas Countdown plan (the least effort, the least festive option) and I added a couple of the printables from the other plans to really tailor the planner to my requirements.

My Christmas planner is taking shape now; though the Christmas Countdown plan doesn't officially begin until 6 weeks before Christmas, I have started to list my current gift wrap inventory (I bought mine for about 7p a roll in Asda's January Sale). I've also written a list of just some of the Christmas movies I love and that I want to purchase prior to Christmas. And most important of all, I bought my Christmas Cake ingredients and made it, allowing plenty of time for 'feeding' it with Brandy (my Christmas Cake post will follow soon!).

Whilst this may all seem a bit much in October; Christmas, Snow and Winter will soon be upon us. I just feel that it's cheaper, less stressful and allows more time for fun later to be organised now, rather than to be stressed out last minute shopping, missing out on festive fun because you have to wrap at midnight on Christmas Eve or paying over the odds for gift wrap because you couldn't be bothered to get organised sooner!

Nanna Kate X

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  1. Looking great! Hope it is helping you get more organised than in previous years. :D