Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Loving Lomos

It has been way too long since my latest Lomography Adventures post and this is largely due to the cost of developing the film; when I got the last lot developed and it cost £51 it left me reeling for a little while ha!

My Gorgeous Nephew, Super Cute!
We got some black and white films from a guy at work, he charged me £10 for 5 films - they are seriously treble that usually. I wanted to do a 'study' of sorts on local churches, but then went completely blank and I could only think of two close by?! This is the result:

Butts Lane Church and St Lawrences Church
You can see where I've not wound enough or where I've mistakenly over exposed or double exposed, but I think I am definitely improving? I also had some colour 120s left which my girlfriend got me for Christmas, so I decided to use up a couple of these up on the local 'sights'.

Whitby Harbour, N. Yorks / Teesside Airport Sunset / Bottle of Notes, Middlesbrough / Whitby / Guisborough Priory
The shot I was so particularly proud of though, which I think captures everything Lomography means to me is this...

Have you had any lomo adventures lately?

Nanna Kate X

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