Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

We carved our pumpkin yesterday it is so super cool! We've placed it right on the window ledge so that the children can see it as they Trick or Treat. Best bit of all, the pumpkin only cost £1 from Asda, plus we got a really cool pumpkin carving kit from my Mam which was such an awesome help for carving it (well I assume it was, I was just admiring my girlfriend's handy work and sorting all the seeds out!). In an attempt to be frugal and also because I so desperately wanted to try it, I decided to use some of the pumpkin flesh for a pie.

After seeing A Beautiful Mess's post on Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes, I asked my friend over at Home Matters Most for a pumpkin pie recipe, and she sent me the link for the traditional Libby's Pumpkin Pie recipe. The only trouble is, we don't have canned pumpkin here in the UK, so instead I prepared my fresh pumpkin by boiling it in a pint of water, squeezing out the water through a thin, clean tea towel and then pureed it in the blender.

While I was waiting for the pumpkin puree to cool, I roasted the seeds with olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt. I plan to keep them in a little tub and add them to my salads over the next few weeks; or maybe just snack on them - they are amazingly tasty!

I also used the remaining pumpkin flesh and added a bit of vegetable stock plus some spices, and a little cornflour to thicken, to make soup for my lunch at work.

I found a suggested Pumpkin Spice Mix recipe which I made up for my pie. I made double yield so I can enjoy some pumkin spiced lattes this week and I used about 1/4 tsp mixed with sugar and a little salt for my pie.

I added two eggs to the prepared fresh pumpkin and beat them in, then added the sugar, salt and spice. Finally I drizzled in almost a full tin of Evapourated Milk (I've never heard of it being used in a recipe for years!). The mix was spooned in to my pie crust and after 50 minutes cooking time, we ended up with the most beautiful pie I could have hoped for! (excuse the bit on top which is a little well done!)


I think the whole cooking with Pumpkin may become something of a tradition and I certainly hope to make at least one more pie this year (hoping that tomorrow the pumpkins are pennies in the Supermarkets!). Do you have any Halloween traditions?

Happy Halloween!
Nanna Kate X

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