Thursday, 13 October 2011

Black Pudding and Egg Salad

I've been trying to watch my weight lately (read: dieting permanently my whole life). Recently I've suffered anaemia and have been trying to sneak in some high iron content grub. Trouble is, it's all so high in fat! And of course veggie iron from broccoli and spinach can only be digested if the cellulose structure is broken down *cue* intensive chewing or blending!

I love Black Pudding it's absolutely delicious, however it's very high in fats and calories so no good for a diet...right? No! Wrong!

The Bury Black Pudding Company make the most loveliest of black pud and it's actually only 127 calories per 100g (about 2 slices) instead of the 400 calories you'd usually find in supermarket own brand / butchers black pudding.

I love mine in a special black pudding and poached egg salad. My girlfriend made me this one and added a tomato, balsamic vinegar and chilli dressing. Bliss!

Nanna Kate X

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