Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Perfect Polish...

For Christmas this year I got a Boots No 7 French Manicure set. The minute I opened it I blanched, knowing I am absolutely useless at French Manicures; I did what I could to feign excitement... I felt so bad though, it was such a nice gift and I decided this time, this would be the turning point when I worked out the 'secret' to a perfect polish.

To tell the truth, my first (and second!) attempts were useless, but then this age of modern technology slapped me right in the face and I decided to Youtube French Manicure tutorials. I did what I always do and selected the first video which a) didn't have awful music and b) wasn't just advertising for a specific product. I watched the video and then got to work; regretfully, I didn't save the video or I would link to it right now - but after following that tutorial I am eternally grateful to it's creator as now I have finally mastered a French Manicure...

As you can see, my nails are dull and the whites are almost the colour of my nail beds!
My trusty equipment!
Step 1 - soak nails for a few minutes in some warm soapy water. Scrub with a cuticle or hand scrub if desired (I do, I use Boots No 7 Revitalising Hand Saviour)
Step 2 - dry hands and using a cuticle stick / cuticle emery gradually exfoliate and push back cuticles
Step 3 - either buff the ridges out of the nails or use a ridge filler, like Collection 2000 Base Coat / Ridge Filler (cheap as chips and works like a dream!)
Step 4 - apply cuticle oil or cream. I use Solar Oil as I have always found it most nourishing and it lasts forever if this type of pamper session is only a once in a while treat; allow oil or cream to soak in, dry off any excess

Step 5 - paint tips white - don't use those silly guides or be too bothered about getting it neat. Just plaster the whites on and allow a sufficient amount of drying time. I am impatient and tend to use Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray to hurry it along - my sister tells me hairspray actually does the same trick, though the proper stuff doesn't smell as bad!
Step 6 - using a fine tipped paint / make up brush and some nail varnish remover neaten up the white bits... take off any excess on your fingers, thin out lumpy bits like on my thumb nail and create moon shapes which mirror your own half moons (to make it look as natural as poss) by brushing nail varnish remover along the line of your white tip

Step 7 - allow nail to dry for a little while longer (the white part will now become a little tacky after the nail varnish remover has been applied to it). Once set for a few seconds, run nails under a really cold running tap
Step 8 - using the pink / peach colour in your manicure kit paint over the whole of each nail, carefully - you do not want to go wrong at this stage!! Allow to dry
Step 9 - If desired, apply a glossy top coat (I use my Collection 2000 Base Coat / Ridge Filler as I don't like a really glossy finish - you can also use a Matte top coat)
Step 10 - relax and admire your handy work...!

Good luck, can't wait to hear how yours turns out!

Nanna Kate X

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