Monday, 19 September 2011

My First Glossy Box

A while ago now I saw a post over on Rosabello's Beauty Blog about Glossy Box which is a monthly beauty box subscription like Latest In Beauty, but rather than sample sizes, you get actual miniatures of products to try - allowing you to develop your user experience (rather than just one application / use) and feedback honestly on the products. But, in order for them to be able to justify sending these super sized samples, they charge £10 per box, plus £2.95 p+p which means you're paying £12.95 as a regular monthly subscription for beauty samples...

I got my first box this month and in order to justify the cost, I had to ask myself a few questions. 1) Was it worth the money and 2) Did I get samples I could use, that suited my 'profile' (which is something you set up with Glossy Box when you subscribe)?

Here's what I got:

Regarding the value for money, I calculated that the Plum perfume is worth about £5 (Source, House of Fraser), the HD Brows Palette is a salon optional extra but rumoured to be worth £20 (Source, Eyelicious), L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil £11.95 (Source, Feel Unique), then the StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate around £11.40 (Source, Beauty Expert), and finally Nuxe Huil Prodigieuse £4.30 (Source, Feel Unique). So, the total contents are worth around £52.65; meaning that at £12.95 this box is worthy of the money I paid.

I got the box to try some different products as I either stick with the same ones, or experience really adverse effects when I try new products and then the money has been spent and there's not a lot I can do about it. This way I get to try some nice new products without splashing out a whole lot of money and I am sincerely happy with my first box. With one exception.

I don't know why they have sent me an anti-aging product when I quite clearly specified I have no interest in anti-aging products. I mean, I may try the stuff - but I am a little bit disappointed that the service isn't as bespoke as they would like to make out!

I will hang on for another couple of months and see how I get on, fingers crossed they pull their socks up at Glossy Box HQ and send me more of the stuff that's appropriate to me otherwise, despite containing products worth 5 times as much as it cost, I may have to cancel my subscription!

Can't wait to try out all of my new products, so far I've tried the L'Oreal hair oil which is amazing! And, the Mary Greenwell perfume - reviews will follow over coming weeks.

Nanna Kate X

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