Monday, 5 September 2011

Kate Makes

I am addicted to Mollie Makes, a craft magazine which exploded on to the shelves a couple of months ago. I subscribed (much to the dismay of my other half... 'what do you mean another subscription?!') promptly in time for Issue 4 (I got Issue 3 in store). But as I have such a lot on at the moment, I missed out on making the mini-project free gift that came with that issue and now that Summer has faded away, I don't really feel like making a fun summery necklace...

This weekend though, I put some time aside and made the Issue 5 mini-project which is a Lovely Linen Gadget Case. I have never used Bonda-web (Wonda-web) to applique fabric before. I am a traditional kinda gal and usually stick to a nice blanket stitch. However, I am now a convert, it's so much easier using this quick iron on method and if you cut the Bonda-web to perfect size, there's no danger of frayed or tatty edges. Here's how my attempt to make up the mini-project turned out:

My aspiration...
Cutting the pieces and tracing the templates
Bonda-webbed the design, sewed what's meant to be a branch on with red embroidery thread
Right sides in, backstitch to finish - I hate running out of thread when you have such a small bit left to do!
The finished project in action
I think it looks cute as a button matched with my red Babushka Ear Buds... Can't wait until Issue 6 to make the coin purse - and who knows, the Autumn might inspire a new design knot necklace after all...

Nanna Kate X

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