Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Healthy Fry Up with a Nanna Twist

We've all heard of a Grill Up - the dieters take on a Fry Up which involves using low fat sausages, turkey rashers and absolutely NO frying pan. But this week I had something a little different for my supper which took the Grill Up to a whole new level:

Take 1 Onion, 6-8 Mushrooms and a handful of Cherry Tomatoes peeled, chopped, halved, chunky or fine - stick them all in to a wok / frying pan with a drizzle (half a tsp) of Olive Oil and a heavy coating of chilli flakes - sautee over a low heat.

Slice 250g Polenta and grill under a medium heat (depending on taste, you could cube it and stick it in with the veggies).

Poach an egg, yup that's right an egg, and stick it on the top, for a seriously tasty, filling, cheap, easy, quick, low calorie, low fat, high protein, high energy supper. Perfect!

Nanna Kate X

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