Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Green Fingers

My darling Girlfriend bought me an Orchid to celebrate my quitting smoking which I was delighted about after admiring them for ages I finally had one! I also got a Peace Lily earlier this year (aroun Christmas time maybe) and I have become quite in love with my two houseplants. Someone once told me that it's good luck to have houseplants and all in all this year hasn't been too bad - so I am going to try my best to keep them alive... I've never had a houseplant before these, though my Mam used to have loads when we were growing up - and looking after them seemed almost a full time job!

You will see in the picture that my Orchid went from having 5 flowers to just 2, but I think that was due to the damage it has in the Supermarket before it was given to me as it happened so quickly! I use a special mister which my Mam gave me to mist the flower, the leaves and water the bark in which it is potted. The remaining 2 flowers are strong and perfectly formed. I haven't even used specialist orchid food yet, anybody used this? Does it make any real difference?

My Peace Lily has a bit of a longer history. It originally started off as a tiny plant on my desk at work - something to brighten the place up. I watered it every few days with a 200ml cup of filtered water (posh!). Then I was off on holiday and asked some colleagues to keep an eye on it. Unfortunately they over watered it (I thought) as it was truly swimming in water, yet the foliage became pale and floppy. I put it in the sun and it soon recovered, with regular additional watering.

However, when I brought it home with me (where it now lives with my orchid), and the same thing happened I was gutted. I had been watering it, but my Mam took one look at it and said it was actually under watered - she filled the sink and sat the pot in it, so that the plant could drink as much or as little as it liked up. It's now perked back up and is beginning to go green again (instead of insipid yellow). Some blogs recommend removing the lower yellow leaves, heavy watering, allowing the plant to totally dry out in between watering, shaded areas without any sunlight... so I am going to keep on trying and hopefully my first venture in to keeping houseplants won't turn in to a total disaster!

Nanna Kate X

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