Thursday, 8 September 2011


Over a year ago after reading a review on Dooyoo, I decided to give Graze a try. For those of you who haven't heard, Grazing is the 'new' way to eat (also known as the more traditional little and often). Graze supply daily / weekly / monthly boxes which contain four punnets of healthy, filling, energising foods which keep you full for longer and provide you with plenty of nutrients to ensure you keep well and get the essentials you need each day. Much nicer than a packed lunch box...

Anyway, I suspended my weekly box for around 2 months because I am following a low-ish calorie diet and lots of Graze's punnets include high calorie stuff (olives, nuts, dried fruits, etc) plus I'd chosen not to receive anything containing disgusting Raisins - I hate them! But I always seemed to get something with them in!

I forgot all about my subscription re-commencing until a little brown box landed on my doormat this weekend. And, my, how things have changed. The total contents of my box totalled just 450 calories and kept me full from their arrival until bedtime! Graze have introduced dips, flatbreads and flapjacks (I think that I didn't get any of these to try in the past as they were in high demand!)

I got a generous wedge of West Country Cheddar, Red Onion and Chutney Focaccia, a cute pot of Tomato Dipinetti with Rosemary Grissinetti and Tomato Chutney along with a punnet of Banoffee Pie (Banana Coins, Fudge Pieces, Pecan Nuts, Almond Slices) and Little Figgy Went To Market (Apples, Cranberries and Baby Figs). My mouth was watering and there wasn't a Raisin in sight!

I am already excited to see what this week's box will contain!

Nanna Kate X

PS: Fancy checking Graze out? Here's a code for one free box and one half price box - enjoy! T7P5K4Z3

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