Thursday, 1 September 2011

August 2011: My Month in Numbers

I'm not the most disciplined person in the world. I began this blog as a craft and baking blog and all I seem to write about is random, personal musings. So, for me to be on my second post in this series is a big deal to me! I am so looking forward to reading Julie's Month in Numbers over on Notes on Paper. If you don't read it already, make sure you check it out and also look in the comments, lots of people link back to their own posts there...

22 = days not smoking - by far my proudest moment of the month
£69.52 = saved through accomplishing not smoking for 20 days!
220 = number of cigarettes NOT smoked this month...

17 = pins on my Pinterest board of things I am loving right now!

1 = attempt it took for my girlfriend to pass her driving test this month, *Congratulations Babe!*

2 = number of mini breaks. Glamping and the Sidings in York, then a long, lazy weekend in Dartford, Kent. The Bluewater Shopping Centre is my new favouritest place in the world!

£6.99 = spent on a jar of Goober Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly.

£8.99 = spent on a box of Lucky Charms. Ok, I know this is ridiculous, but look at the shop they both came from... how I didn't spend more on delights such as Coconut M&Ms and Tootsie Rolls is beyond me!

1 = home made Yahtzee sets. I am addicted. And the eBay seller of a beautiful 1980's set just couldn't dispatch it quick enough. Queue Tuppaware, Washing Powder Cup and random Dice...

 1 = exam sat for my Masters degree... Nerve wracking wasn't in it. Can't wait for my results!

7 = items bought from eBay - a bit quiet on the online auction front this month. I got Mentha Piperati seeds (planning to grow my own peppermint next spring), Chinese Lantern, Board books x 3 for my nephew. Following on from his trip to the library he won't part with the book he picked and check out! As well as A Big Dog (an Opposites Book), I got him A Black Cat (an ABC Book) and A Red Train (a Colours Book) plus, he loves drawing and painting now, so to re-live my childhood I got him a Paint with Water Book! Oh and my seventh purchase was Nicorette patches.

60 = minutes spent in The Corner Cupboard hope these pictures explain why!

£14.95 = entry to the Hop Farm Park in Kent, where we visited on our mini break - what a fabulous day we had! As well as a petting zoo, a dinosaur maze, a big top, a pirates cove and a virtual air hockey table (where you are the paddles!), there's a magic castle, wax works, dungeon and a historical tour of Hop picking. My favourite picture of the day? The toddlers toilet. So tiny!

So that's my August in numbers, it was a great month and even though it was a rainy end to the summer I am so looking forward to September, as I love Autumn. Bring on the homemade soup, dark and early nights, cosy PJs and winter woolies.

Thanks for calling by...

Nanna Kate X


  1. Thanks for joining in *again*. Big congratulations on those impressive smoking numbers! And I've never stopped off at the Corner Cupboard - although I've seen it many times. Will put it on the list of places to try.

    Thanks again.

    Julie :-)

  2. Well done on the stopping smoking...just think of all the extra stash you will be able to buy with all the money you have saved...

    See you next month...
    take care
    Kirsti xxx

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Kirsti! :) Congrats on the 22 days of non-smoking!!! Keep it up! I would also love to stop by the Corner Cupboard and have some scones!!! (too bad I am thousands of miles away!!!)