Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sushi Club

The large ones at the back were my first attempt... not so good!
My second attempt (front two rows) were much better...
Whilst making our first visit to the newly opened B&M we picked up a Blue Dragon Sushi Making Kit, which cost 99p. I didn't expect much from it at that price (but bought two as they seemed such a bargain...!) but I found myself pleasantly surprised! When we went back to get a few more kits (I've seen these at over £10 in other stores and online) but they were completely sold out. Well, it's no wonder, they are absolutely great! Sure, you can buy all the ingredients separately, but a kit just seems so much easier and there's no danger of forgetting any key ingredients (ok, so I am lazy!)

Making homemade Sushi is great fun, you feel so amazed by the result and it's completely put me off buying pre-packed products as they are not only expensive, they are also full of all sorts of fatty, high calorie nasties such as mayonnaise and non-Dolphin Friendly Tuna. Apparently, I read an article online about the levels of mercury pre-packed Sushi contains, and believe me, it didn't make for pleasant reading!

Preparation Prevents Poor Perfomance - the polite version of the 5 p's

The sushi rice is boiled in the bag then sushi vinegar is added to make it sticky

So, knowing exactly what's going in to my Sushi, as well as all of the fun making it really made a difference - and moreover it tasted absolutely amazing! In addition to the kit we bought some smoked salmon and used shredded spring onions and peppers to make the perfect rolls. In the kit you get 2 sets of chopsticks, 2 bags of sushi rice, sushi vinegar, sushi nori (seaweed sheet), soy sauce sachets, wasabi paste sachets and a bamboo rolling mat.

Mmm, my favourite sushi, smoked salmon

Keep Rollin'

I sat down to ate my sushi with chopsticks and dipped it in to wasabi and soy dip (I didn't know wasabi just dissolved in soy to make a fire-cracking dip!) and I must admit, I was beat by just half the sushi we made. I also kept it fresh with a little lemon juice and took it to work for my lunch the following day too! From now on, I will be scouring the shelves of B&M for these kits and will only ever eat homemade sushi...

Nanna Kate X

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