Monday, 22 August 2011

Philly Gnocchi

The end of the month. The fridge is bare. The diet is out of the window because the only things left are one fishcake, a few loose peas, some left over filo prawns from Christmas in the freezer... And don't even get me started on nutrition; dust sandwiches contain none.

I was determined this month not to turn to eating rubbish and ordering a take away with my last fiver rather than going to the shop and buying ingredients to make a meal. So, a few evenings ago, I opened up the cupboards and had a little look in there.I found  packet of Gnocchi which I bought a while ago but which was still in date, I pulled out a can of peeled plum tomatoes (what can't you make with them?!) and some Italian herbs.

Initially, I had a tomato-y pourover in mind, but it didn't whet my appetite much and it was with a little hesitation I put the pans on the hob - my fingers wandering over to the take away leaflets we keep in a box in the kitchen...

Then I remembered I had a small tub with about 6 green, garlic stuffed, olives and half a handful of sliced black olives which I'd used for my Muffuletta a week or two ago, so I chucked them in with the tomatos. I added the Italian herbs and I popped the Gnocchi in boiling water.

For some reason, rich and creamy sauces which are usually cheese or cream based appeal so much more to me than tomato based sauce, and when I looked in the fridge for some left over cream or yoghurt or something I found my saviour - about a half dessert spoonful of Philadelphia with Garlic and Herbs! I just stirred it in to the sauce to make it nice and thick.

I drained the Gnocchi and stirred that in to and ended up with a simple, quick, seriously filling, low calorie, incredibly tasty supper - just using what I found in the cupboards. And, as I cooked the full packet of Gnocchi there was enough for a couple of days lunches too.


Nanna Kate X

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