Friday, 19 August 2011

The Perfect Rasberry Mint Mojito

I made this beautiful pink Mojito at a Mixology Hen event I recently attended. It's a divine mix of sour and sweet and tingles the tastebuds making it a perfect, summery, outdoorsy drink which packs a definite punch! It's also so simple to recreate at home, here's the 'how to':

If you pop a mint leaf in your mouth and don't chew it, it quite simply tastes of nothing (a little bit 'grassy' but not at all minty). When you begin to chew you release the minty flavours so to release them in your cocktail (without chewing and spitting them out!) you can follow these steps - do it with a little theatrical flair if you're entertaining! Take a good handful of mint leaves in the palm of one hand and 'smack' them with the other hand. 'Rim' the glass with them to flavour your glass and then 'stuff' them in to the bottom of the glass. Remember smack it, rim it, stuff it. How rude...

Next drop 6 juicy raspberries in to the glass. Add one generous shot of white rum. Using a spoon, drag the mint and the raspberries 'through' the rum, squashing the raspberries as you go.

Fill a freezer bag with ice cubes and crush them up using a rolling pin. Empty three quarters of the ice in to the glass and 'pack' it in using a slightly smaller glass or potato masher if your glass allows. Add the remaining ice to create a hill, you need as much ice as you can cram in to and on top of the glass. Take a chilled bottle of soda water and pour carefully over the ice allowing it to trickle through the fragments and lift the rum, mint and raspberry pulp.

Add a straw, umbrella, sparkler and sit back in the sun, sip away and enjoy this twist on the classic Cuban cocktail! Have a lovely weekend...

Nanna Kate X

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  1. So my lovely friend who was the Hen at the Hen night reminded me that the method is 'slap it, rim it, stuff it' not smack it... maybe these mojitos were stronger than I thought *memory loss* so I guess depending on whether you're a smacker or a slapper you can amend as required ;o) X