Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My REAL Pinterest...

I recently joined Pinterest and woah - how addictive it has become, I have already filled my first Board with various things I'm hankering after! For a list lover and pin board fanatic, it's like a virtual heaven. But in a similar ilk to the numerous 'What's in my handbag' style posts, I thought it could be interesting to start a 'Real Pinterest' post, giving you a guided tour of my real pin boards and all the junk that I stick on to them.

Oh and in the interests of completeness, these are just the pins in my room - I have pin boards in our spare room-come-computer room, on my desk at work and in the kitchen - addicted much?

Starting from the top left hand corner and moving in a clockwise-ish direction: Personalised thank you card from my nephew's Christening, thank you and I Love You cards from my lovely girlfriend who surprises me with cards and notes all of the time, cinema tickets for the Hangover 2 (bringing a whole new meaning to the term LOL), receipts and my girlfriend's shift patterns, my Valentine's card, more receipts and peaking out, that yellow certificate is our 'adoption' certificate for Copper, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from the Dog's Trust.

Also just peaking out here in green and white is my registration for Step Change, which I did in March to raise some dollar for the NSPCC - I ran up to the top of the Gherkin in London - 1038 steps! Even more receipts and our sharpie marker illustrated Christmas wish lists, my Undertaking to be Godmother to my darling Nephew and just above that his 1st Birthday party invitation. Oh and my one time hairdresser's business card! In the centre is a wedding invitation to a close friends wedding in the Autumn and in the background you can see one of my most prized possessions - a tin wall plaque my Dad bought me, depicting the cover of the Beatles 'Hard Days Night', which turned out to be magnetic and so makes a pinboard within a pinboard - using a set of Beatles magnets I got as a Christmas present years ago.  

My second bedroom pinboard (because one just isn't sufficient!) has (again starting from top left, clockwise...) my autograph from when we took my girlfriend's Mam to meet Steve and Karen from the Galaxy breakfast show (she's a huge fan!), more and more receipts, a money wallet containing my tickets for Lee Evans this Autumn, various invoices and guarantees, Little Fat Buddha restaurant menu (posh Chinese take away), our rabbit Mufasa's immunisation record, Thip Top business card - a Thai lady who makes beautiful one off clothing in Camden Lock, more cinema stubs and finally, la piece de resistance - tickets for Dolly Parton!

So, what's on your pinboard?

Nanna Kate X

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