Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My New Ear Buds

I'm kind of weirdly obsessed with Russian Dolls. I absolutely love how cute they are in reality, but I also love them as a graphic and as an icon - their bright colours and smooth lines just really draw my attention every time.

As well as a needle case and some Russian Santa Claus dolls I own, I saw these Ear Buds a couple of days ago on Much Love Monday's Weekend Wishlist and just knew I needed to have them!

I was so excited when they arrived within 2 days - I've had them plugged in and switched on ever since. I think they are probably a little like Marmite - you either love them or hate them as I've had mixed comments on them. I personally absolutely love them! They make me so happy whenever I see them *cue BIG SMILES*

Nanna Kate X

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