Monday, 15 August 2011

My Hotel of the Year (so far!)

We often look for unique, unusual, old fashioned hotels - a break from the tediousness of Travelodges - so we recently discovered the Sidings Hotel in York. It was so quirky, I loved it I reviewed it over on Dooyoo, you can find the review at Here's my pick of our pictures from our visit of the hotel's features:

Beautiful pale gold cushions and throw to accentuate the modern monochrome flock bedding adorning our four poster

Original train carriage sliding windows - how cute is the arrow? Cupid, draw back your bow!

Traditional signage decorating the walls

A real B+B feel with the lovely tea tray and terrestrial telly. None of that flatscreen, digital modern rubbish in here!

The train extends from the main bar-come-reception area out in to the adjoining fields

My big fat greek pizza - no, really that was the menu description. And fat it was, it beat me!

Cute porch leading in to the bar area and Il Treno (the train) restaurant

Our room, which takes up this whole carriage - lots of space and beautiful cross-country view point

Perfectly manicured garden area with comfortable seating to enjoy a chilled glass of wine and admire the sunset
Highly recommended!

Nanna Kate X

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