Monday, 8 August 2011

Mini mmm-uffulettas (muffelattas, muffalattas...)

I saw a recipe for Muffulettas on the Home Matters Most blog, I saw a recipe online while perusing Italian / Sicilian ingredients and I read the Wikipedia recipe/article. When I picked up the Asda Magazine and there was a recipe for a 'Special Sandwich Loaf' referring to their take on Muffuletta, I knew that the forces that be were telling me to make one of these damn things! So, here's my take on Muffulettas (I know, I am spelling it ALL the different ways... They say tomato, I say Muffuletta!)

I wanted to think about the best bits of each of the recipe ideas I'd seen - I mean the home made Olive Salad (tapenade) on the Home Matters Most blog sounded incredible and I really wanted to try it, but I wasn't going to buy Sun-dried Tomatos and I wanted extra garlic, and the concept in the Asda magazine of using a hollowed loaf looked fun, but no one in my household would eat something like this, so I decided to use mini rolls. This is my finalised method... read on to see how it worked out!

Olive Salad
16 Garlic Clove stuffed Green Olives
3 tsps of chopped / sliced Black Olives (cheapest olives I could find in Supermarket)
Handful of Baby Carrots, chopped
4 Cherry Tomatoes
1/4 tsp Minced Garlic
Squidge of Lemon Juice
Drizzle of Olive Oil (to help my ancient blender mash up the mix, chokes with dry food only!!)

Method: blend all the ingredients together, roughly in my case. Transfer in to some Tuppaware and leave in the fridge to marinade over night - Wikipedia suggests 24 hours, but I guess if you are in a rush, a couple of hours would suffice, especially when you are using this much garlic! That's the main difference with mine, seriously garlic-y... no kissing after eating!

How very appetising!
Next up, I liked the ideas of the grilled, skinned peppers from the Asda recipe, so I sliced 4 large pieces of green pepper, grilled until the skin bubbled and burnt and then left to cool. Once they were cool they went in to a freezer bag and chilled in the fridge over night with the Olive Salad.

The next morning I chose Asda Walnut Tear and Share mini loaves. I gently decapitated four of them, and scooped out the middles, feeding the insides to our garden birds as a little treat... Then this was my basic Muffuletta construction:

Buttered the inside walls and underside of the tops of the loaves
Layered with: Chorizo, Mozzarella, German Salami, Olive Salad, Ham, Cucumbers in Brine (Sliced), Cream Cheese, Chorizo, Salami, Olive Salad, Peppers, Mozzarella
Then placed the loaf top back on, wrapped in foil, placed them on a plate with a plate on top, weighted down with FOUR cans of Tuna (one just didn't seem enough Asda!) and left them to refridgerate and 'gel' for about 8 hours.

I know what you're probably thinking - what a load of hassle for a sandwich, right? Sure there are quicker ways to do it, but when I took my mini muffulettas and they looked like this:

I was seriously delighted - they taste completely wonderful - and SO filling, these sandwiches are about 3 inches by 2 inches and are sufficient for a lunch or maybe with a few potato chips for dinner. I will be happy to spend time making these again - the effort definitely is worth the rewards. You've got to try them! Let me know how your muffuletta, muffelatta, muffalatta works out and what variances you make on the traditional New Orleans recipe!

Nanna Kate X

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