Monday, 1 August 2011

July 2011: My Month in Numbers & Much Love Monday!

I have already posted today, but I saw this on the amazing Notes on Paper blog and thought it was pretty cool. I am definitely going to make it a regular (how about monthly!?) post I just love it so much! Plus of course it is Much Love Monday so I thought it might be nice to post both my links in one blog!

1 = the number of real, live letters I have sent this month. I got some real, lovely stationary and sent my letter off sealed with some of these cute Paul Frank stamps

much love monday AND number one in my month in numbers - cool hey?!

62 = the number of hours I should have spent studying for my MSc Analytical Credit Risk Management exam on the 13th August

13 = a rough rounded up approximation of the number of hours I actually spent studying for my MSc Analytical Credit Risk Management exam on the 13th August… eek!

2 = the number of chapters I read of my latest Jodi Picoult novel – shameful really I need to pull my bookworm socks up though...

...40 = minutes spent in the library making my 21 month old nephew a membership and checking out his first book 'A Big Dog' so I reckon that, plus the Bookclub venture are my services to the world of literature for this month!

4.5 = hours spent making a table runner for my sister’s mother-in-law to be (!). She gave me some black ribbon and a scrap of cream leather and after hours of pinning and tacking and getting uber-frustrated with my sewing machine for puckering the leather, I ended up with this (which I think is pretty lovely)

3 = hours of Pilates work outs – not many I know, but I am just so proud to have stuck to a weekly exercise class! This is also the number of Tatty Devine plastic record bracelets I bought off eBay to be thrifted in to one spectacular piece of jewellery – you will see how that works out in coming weeks!

can't wait to turn these in to something bespoke and quirky just for me - such a bargain at only £6 for all 3!
9 = the number of eBay items I’ve watched and not won this month (though will maybe buy soon!) including 250gm Resin Kit, Tala Jam Straining Kit, Kitchen Craft Wax Discs, Little Women (1949) DVD, Vintage Retro Jam Label Set, Pack of 6 Tala Glass Jam Jars, Tala Jam & Preserve Bottling / Canning Kit, Kitchen Craft Jam Jar Labels, Easy to Read Jam / Sugar / Oil Thermometer with Clip

my current eBay wish list!
 5 = number of lbs I’ve lost this month

1200 = number of calories I’ve limited myself to, to achieve above feat!

£600 = won on the number 49s between my partner and I. I can’t tell you the actual numbers we pick though or you might get in on our winnings! ;)

And finally 390 = hits on my colleague's daughter's latest You Tube offering you have to check her two covers out, she's amazing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Nanna Kate X


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  1. Hi Kate - thanks so much for your kind words about my blog and for playing along with my Month in Numbers! Great 1st post!

    Call me psychic but ... I'm guessing you're into jam-making at the moment ... don't know where I got that idea from!

    I'll add your name to the list of those who've joined in this month, to my original July post here:

    Happy August to you - maybe I'll see you at the end of the month!

    Julie :-)