Thursday, 25 August 2011

It's been two weeks...

...which is 14 days of not smoking! Yay! I have kicked the habit finally after 4 years of smoking. I wish I didn't ever start, but I did and that's now history - today I am a smoke free zone and I have no plans of going back!

I've used Nicorette Invisi Patches, initially 15mg for 7 days, then 10mg for 7 days and now I am going down to 5mg. I am also using the Icy White Gum to help with an instant hit, after meals and on an evening before bed. To be honest, I could kill for a cigarette - only about 5% of the time though which is manageable. The rest of the time I just feel like me, just without the smell!

I have saved £44.24 to date, which I will be putting towards lovely craft and beauty supplies to reward myself for all of the hard work. I've also 'not' smoked 140 cigarettes. If I think about in those terms it makes it all much easier for me.

The best bit though? Being able to smell my perfume on myself on a night when I am getting ready for bed, instead of smelling of smoke - it's fantastic.

Nanna Kate X

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