Friday, 26 August 2011

Eyes Down

I love to escape everyday life and go to the beach; I go so often I really think I should just pack up and move there! One of my favourite things to do is to play prize bingo. It's strange, but the thrill of calling and getting one 'win' exchangeable for a couple of tins of beans or an out-of-fashion cartoon character pencil case, is so enticing and I gravitate towards the place every time I visit our local seaside.

Just lately, it's had a little mini make over and instead of saving up 'wins' and carefully selecting from the shelves of junk they try to pass off as prizes, they now allow you to exchange each win for a £1 Love to Shop voucher. That's thrown a whole new curve ball on the situation - I can now justify my secret liaisons with the bingo hall, because I'm 'saving vouchers for Christmas'. Genius!

Nanna Kate X (bingo player extraordinaire)

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