Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Experimenting with Beauty Treatments

One of my best friends who I met through my job has been training as a beautician over recent months on a fast track course. When it was her Hen night, she offered to apply an emergency St. Tropez tan to me, after the mobile spray tanner didn't show up two days before I was supposed to be looking like a bronzed Goddess... she had offered to do other treatments like a pedicure and I'd completely missed these opportunities for one reason or another, but this time I wasn't about to let the offer slip through my fingers!

Whilst doing the tan, she offered to tint my eyebrows and I agreed, though I was pretty nervous about having them done. And, then when my skin broke out in to the biggest dot-to-dot I've seen, she offered to do me a facial too. When it comes to beauty, I am a little inexperienced (never managed to dip my feet in to a pool of hungry fish yet!), so I thought I'd take the plunge with someone I trust and check out what all of the fuss was about!

St. Tropez

After a pre-treatment ritual of exfoliating and moisturising all of your dry bits, you strip off and stand or lay in your knickers, the beautician then takes St. Tropez Mousse and, using a Buffing Mit, applies it to your whole body, quickly and efficiently in a circular motion (takes about 10 minutes - if that). You then allow around a minutes drying time and get your clothes back on (wear scruffy ones or they might end up stained in tan - though mine didn't). Sleep wearing the tan, then the next morning shower off and watch as you transform from pale and interesting to a sunkissed beauty. My verdict? Not for the easily embarrassed! It gives you a really natural looking golden (not orange) tan which lasts for at least three to four days before gracefully (not patchy) fading off. Will I get it done again? Most certainly, but only for a special occasion, I don't mind being pastey!

Sunkissed St Tropez Glow

Eyebrow Tinting

By far my favourite of the treatments I tried and the most effective. This involves having a quick shape (I pluck out a couple of eyebrows every morning as I can't stand waxing or plucking them all in one go!) then eyebrow tint being applied gradually, getting wiped off, being applied again and built up until the eyebrows hit the desired shade. Literally a 10 minute process and leaves you with what I think are absolutely amazing results. I've tried using eyebrow pencils but never have had this same striking result. Particularly great as I dye my hair dark brown and I have quite fair eyebrows that get lost in my pastey skin. This is my most recommended and as I've said, favouritest!



I feel a bit of a cheat not posting a picture of myself with my facial results... but it's only day two and the facial really has drawn out all of the impurities in my skin. So, in short, I'm a bit of a mess. It is totally exacerbated by the fact I've stopped smoking and all the toxins from my skin were causing me to get in a bit of breakout hell - so my friend suggested I try a facial to encourage my skin to banish all the rubbish,  regenerate and look brand new in a few days time.

This procedure is great for relaxing. It began by a 'superficial' cleanse which determined my skin type and diagnosed my skin prescription. I have (apparently!) quite normal, if a little sensitive, skin. On the whole my skin is in a good state (phew) with the impurities and problem areas coming from my lifestyle choices (smoking, not drinking enough water and most probably, stress). So my beautician chose to use the Soothing range from SkinTruth which contains lavender and chamomile; the only essential oils which are suitable for using on a baby's skin.

After the initial cleanse she did a deep cleanse, followed by a neck, decolletage, shoulder and face massage using a gentle sweet almond oil base, to the soothing sounds of Chill FM, I was almost asleep - kept awake only by the non-stop gossip! Next, I had a masque applied to my face and whilst it worked it's super-deep cleansing and replenishing magic, she massaged my scalp. After removing the masque, I had toner sweeped over my skin to tighten up my pores which had been opened up during the cleansing. Finally, I had a moisturiser applied.

Feeling amazingly relaxed afterwards, I happily floated home and left the moisturiser on over night. When I woke up the next morning I washed using only water and have stuck to that during the weekend. My skin has broken out as I said, but it still feels super soft and I feel great knowing that in a few days when the toxins work their way out of my skin and my cells regenerate, my new layer of skin will look fresh, clear and glowing.

I've had an amazing time trying these treatments out and will become a regularly pampered princess now that I've experimented - addicted to eyebrow tinting! Massive thank you's to my personal beautician! And, apologies to my readers for the super long blog post...

Nanna Kate X

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