Thursday, 4 August 2011

Doodle Jump!

More and more I find myself doodling. I doodle in meetings or whilst on the phone and I kind of find that my doodles tend to help me remember what the content of the phone call or meeting actually felt like, sounded like and consisted of. I know I sound rather odd, but I'm sure it helps me more than any short hand notes could ever help me! Take my recent offerings.

This first one depicts a flower, I'm a girly girl at heart and pretty things like flowers can't be excluded from any doodle, plus, it was almost the weekend and I was feeling pretty good, so I started off with a flower. We began talking about a team building event we are going to and this was making me become more and more positive; the rainbow ensued. Someone mentioned having the team building event on a yacht and the ship began to emerge from the rainbow complete with steam clouds billowing behind it as it ploughed the ocean. And we discussed staying over night, having a few drinks and it was inferred that 40 members of staff drinking like 'fish' would be an interesting combination - my sun, moon and stars element were simply to fill the page, I hate empty doodle space. Next we talked about one of the big bosses leaving and my butterfly just popped in the arch of the rainbow and overall my doodle was happy and upbeat.

Then we began to get to the meat of the meet, discussing problems and issues and limitations imposed upon us by system constraints and unco-operative stakeholders, out of this popped a lock and key, but when we discussed the solutions a 'silver lining' began to encompass this doodle. Talking about fraudsters and issues with organised gangs made me think of the poor individuals who have their lives stolen from them (on paper) just like fenced in animals (ok, not a great analogy!). Finally, we wrapped up because the room was hot and the air con was broken, which I guess is where the ice-cream and natural partner the ice-lolly came from. I began to try and complete the doodle space, but the meeting came to an end and I left it feeling low - this wasn't a completed project.

However, when my manager commented that he liked the top half, I thought to myself, so did I. I kept positive and sunny and full of loveliness just looking at that bit of doodle all day!

Nanna Kate X
P.S. Tonight is bookclub - our very first meeting, can't wait!

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