Tuesday, 30 August 2011

By dazzle

So, I read about Shoe Dazzle over on one of my favourite blogs Hair and Beautylicious. The moment I read that they would offer you personalised shoe recommendations as though you had your own stylist I simply had to look, to see if Kim Kardashian really could style me...

Once registered you take a little a,b,c style picture quiz that builds your style profile. I am type b, which you can see from the picture means I am whimsical (true), that I am free spirited (also true) and artistic... (would you believe, true!)

The summing up of my personality type resonated with me and despite never being too focused on style or fashion I do put my outfits together like an artist but I don't proclaim to be any sort of fashionista. With trepidation I waited for my style results or 'showroom'.

Dear me. Not one style I would choose. They were all high for a start... and I mean sky scrapers! Loads of vulgar animal print too which I'm seriously NOT a fan of. So despite almost getting it spot on with my personality type... Kim and Co really did not Shoe Dazzle me!

These shoes weren't made for walking...
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